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3 -F-People
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Once                           upon a time ...                     

there was a small unknown Planet behind the Jupiter Moon -Black Earth-. The inhabitants are funny, flummox, fuzzy  -  so they named the “3F-People”. This Horrific Beautys live mostly in the darkness because their “sun” is a lilac moon. For this reason the colour of their skin is whiteor a very faded rose and their eyes are looking sad any time.
But they aren´t sad - really- they have much funtoo,  of course! The children have some flummox pets and a lot of fuzzy toys to play with. A few of the 3F-People  leave  “Black Earth behind the Jupiter Moon” in order to visit us on our earth. The first big journey far away from home was to the United States.
Some of the toys they bring with each other, but their “pets” must stay at the home planet.
                                             .... Really?
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